Jovy - photo


Makes coffee for a living. Very curious about things of the past eg. cultures & traditions, analog photography. Have food, will travel. Nodus Tollens.






Believes that travel is a way to learn about oneself while exploring a new place. Likes museums, food and wandering. Is most excited about making the world feel smaller, familiar and more united





Carlyn is a storyteller of the past by trade, but from the varied natural landscapes of the world, she draws her inspiration for another calling : hiking through them with an overactive imagination







Jonathan Liu is a photographer from Singapore currently based in London, United Kingdom. He is pursuing a BA Degree in Photography at the London College of Communication (UAL).

Photography Portfolio:

Instagram: JonSaysRelax Travel: #JonSaysTravel




Believes Life should be in slow motion, and that it is the littlest of moments stitched together that counts. Works to travel, because to travel is to live.