Affordable Eco-Friendly Airbnbs in Southeast Asia

Let’s face the facts, climate change is real and a growing concern. Sometimes when we travel, we get so hyped and excited about all these new experiences and exposures that we momentarily forget about the environmental footprint we are leaving.

I’m not saying live on bread and water, stay in tents and limit your activities to farming, travel should still be liberating and exhilarating. There are plenty of things that we can do during our travels to minimise our ecological footprints such as being more conscious of our modes of transport, the activities we engage in and the places we stay in. Every little bit helps, travel can be fun and amazing, and eco-friendly too.

Here are a few affordable accommodations in South-East Asia that offer a more responsible way to stay:

Eco Rice Paddy Retreat, Ubud

Accommodates: 4
Price: From $50/night

An open concept space built out of recycled and repurposed materials from all over Indonesia. Staying here you will see the hand crafted spiral staircase that is made of steel from the hull off a boat, posts that once were the masts of ships that sailed around Kalimantan. And the stunning chandelier in the living area is made of over 50 recycled wine bottles. This house is so much at one with nature that guests have to hike in on a traditional Balinese foot path through the rice fields!

Bamboo Eco Cottage in Rice Fields, Ubud

Accommodates: 4
Price: From $91/night

This secluded eco retreat cottage is constructed from a woven basket with living bamboo and traditional grass roof leaving it totally open and in nature, down a quiet foot path nestled in the rice fields and only a five minute walk to central Ubud. Experience eco tropical living at its best with nature in its full glory. There is no air-conditioning to reduce carbon footprint but it is a breezy place so you don’t have to worry about feeling hot. 

RockingBeds duet, Johor bahru

Accommodates: 3
Price: From $39/night

The owners believe life is about striking a balance: travellers can enjoy little luxuries and be eco-minded at the same time. That’s why 90{6cc99c052a2fcd17af1df3eea710f6d0fda444a06dce88abadd382d47e285100} of their furniture is handmade, using locally-sourced wooden pallets and other natural materials like banana fibre and recycled wood from a local stable. Even the breakfast they provide is organic! The most unique thing about this house is their Super-Single Dreamweaver Beds that will offer you unrivalled deep rest. Built of steel and wood panelling, it has a rocking mechanism that will gently rock you to dreamland.

 Malay Farmers’ Hut, Langkawi

Accommodates: 2
Price: From $57/night

This rustic rural retreat is a self-catering Guesthouse & private home on 1.25 acres of gated compound surrounded by paddy fields and verdant gardens. Nature lovers you’ll be glad to find it offers views of the Mat Cincang mountain and encounters with water buffaloes, open country & coastal birds and the elusive nocturnal Colugo or Flying Lemur! This cosy (450sq ft) traditional 100 year old Malay Farmers’ Hut is fan cooled, well ventilated with cool breeze blowing through bedroom windows therefore there is no air-conditioning. 

Bà Đất Eco Homestay, Vinh An

Accommodates: 25
Price: From $21/night

This beautiful house is designed and built by its owner, Hieu, from locally-sourced bamboo. It is more than just an eco-friendly house, you can experience the local Vietnamese way of life by cooking with organic ingredients grown in the garden or working in the garden. You can also participate in the many outdoor activities offered! Hieu and his team wants to make a difference by leading differents projects as a social enterprise and involving tourists to work with them to increase awareness of eco-tourism.

Lacaito -The May, Hanoi

Accommodates: 4
Price: From $60/night

Located right in the heart of Hanoi, Lacaito is an ideal spot for relaxation and a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. Repurposed old French tiles that have been preserved for more than 50 years can be seen in the living room, its decor is the perfect balance of modern with a touch of historical trace. The hosts encourage guests to reduce the use of electricity since the house has plenty of natural light in the day and to help water their plants in the garden. 

Eco-flying little house, ko chang

Accommodates: 2
Price: From $54/night

This funky tree-top house is a creation from a Thai Artist call “Chanon Champanao” and is made with elephant shit, metal and reeds. But don’t worry it doesn’t smell. Keeping carbon footprint low, there is no air-conditioning but the evenings are cool and being amongst the trees provides tons of shade. Guests can help at the permaculture garden, make their own organic soap, shampoo or mosquito repellent and even take care of the ducks and chickens! To protect their surrounding environment, they encourage guests to bring organic products to keep the island clean.

Eco Life Adventure : The Earth, koh lanta

Accommodates: 3
Price: From $75/night

The Eco Life Adventure at Asalanta goes beyond just being an eco lodging, it is the total package. You will live in bamboo and clay built traditional huts in little Earthen village, surrounded by majestic bamboo gardens and lush jungle. You will be given a small survival guide that’ll show you the way to the local market, where you can choose from a huge variety of fresh produce. This is a truly self-reliant experience, and adventure in itself! What a great way to take in the Thai culture and enjoy unspoiled nature while keeping your carbon footprint to a minimum.

Eco-Friendly Container House, Siem Reap

Accommodates: 2
Price: From $38/night

Just a short tuk-tuk ride away from town, a little hidden and off-the-beaten-path, this container home is a great example of eco-design and sustainability. Don’t be fooled by its compact exterior, it is spacious enough inside. Not only do you get to go green by staying here, you will also receive incredible hospitality from the hosts. Who knows, you might be inspired to build your own container home after staying!

Shelby Treehouse, krong siem reap

Accommodates: 2
Price: From $35/night

Shelby Tree House is an artistic shared space with self contained apartments; each with private entrance, bathroom and kitchen. So even though there are shared areas, you are entitled to your own privacy. It is a sanctuary for those who would like to relax and rejuvenate. Each apartment is uniquely designed using natural, locally sourced materials and celebrates the artisan-eco culture of Asia. It definitely embodies the kind of unique experience Airbnb is all about!

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