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A stroll at the High Line in New York? Check.

Standing at the right spot to ‘support’ the leaning tower in Italy?

Been there.

Slurping Michelin-star ramen in a kimono while driving a go-kart past a field of sakura trees?

Done, done and yup, done.

Sometimes trips feel been-there-done-that as we become seasoned travellers. But isn’t the idea of travel to disrupt your routine?

Not satisfied with just changing the way you feel at home abroad, Airbnb is now welcoming travellers to a world of activities to level up your next trip.

With Experiences, connect with locals who will host you at their favourite local gigs, or food and art tours.

For the most part, there are many great activities available that are significant to your destinations. Like learning ikebana in Tokyo, taking a tapas tour in Barcelona or getting a history lesson on the royals in London.

But the real fun comes from the experiences that are out of the itinerary.

Here are some of the quirkiest Airbnb Experiences that are 100% real.


Watch Gods get made

Image Credit: Say Tian Hng Buddha Shop via

 Learn the stories of each deity: Who is the boy wonder who rides on Wind Fire Wheels? Who is the butcher turned saint? Who is the sabre-wielding warlord worshipped by cops and crooks? A rare experience to see a demonstration of effigy-making by an 86 year-old great grandmother who runs Singapore’s last Taoist deity shop.

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Make fake food

Pic: Host’s own

There’s lots to love about Tokyo and the food is one of them. But have you ever wondered how they make all the Sampuru (sample food) look so realistic? Take a lesson on the art of artificial food making and leave with a souvenir that will never go bad.

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Calligraphy with Matcha

Pic: Host’s own

If you like tea and want to experience more than just drinking it, why not try writing with it?

Learn the beautiful art of calligraphy but with a twist as the aging of matcha will bring a different dimension to your finished piece.

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Rescue food for the hungry


Pic: Host’s own

A spa-less holiday that’ll still make you feel good. Volunteer at a charity kitchen and cook hundreds of nutritious meals for the hungry, using food that would otherwise land up in a landfill. Talk about double the good!

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Ride through medieval landscapes

Photo by José Alejandro Cuffia on Unsplash

If you’re tired of the concrete cities, awaken your inner equestrian and ride across scenic Segarra. Live out your GOT fantasies. Only for those experienced in horseback riding.

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:: LONDON, UK ::

Travel by Ukulele


Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

If you’ve always imagined your life to be a musical, this one’s for you. Explore London by means of song with a Ukulele and learn how to navigate the four strings. A twee way to see the city.

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Get Married


Pic: Host’s own

Get to the Top of the Rock, have the Empire State Building be your witness and tie the knot in a New York minute.

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Take a 7 senses stroll

Pic: Host’s own


“But we only have 5 senses” I can hear you ask. This host promises to unleash your unlimited senses using the constant creative energy that only a city like New York can provide. Curious?

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The Worst Tour Ever


Pic: Host’s own

No frills and boasting simple provisions like ‘bodega coffee’, this comedic couple will take you around the East Village and share depraved, inane and fake facts about the formerly gritty neighbourhood in a way only they know how. Pack your sense of humour.

Book your Experience here.

Sign up for one of these and take home a good travel story.

As the saying goes: Fill your life with experiences, not things.

= = =

Disclaimer: All experience and descriptions are from the respective hosts’ pages. The writer receives no benefits from featuring these hosts.

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