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Before stepping into New Zealand, everyone who’s been there kept telling me “it’s the most beautiful place on earth,”, “nothing compares to the views in South Island”, “sick views man”. To be honest, I didn’t feel like anything could come close to the beauty of the Annapurnas, but once again, I am proven wrong.

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Milford Sound via Jucy Tours (4hr bus-ride + photo op stops along the way + brief stop at Te Anau + 2hr boat-ride + return 4hr bus-ride)

If you’re going for the tour, some friendly advice, it’s gonna be a looooooong journey so do munch on something before setting off. But definitely worth it if scenery is your thing.

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I would buy this photo as a postcard.


(We are but a speck in this incredibly vast universe.)


Lord of the Rings fans, if this doesn’t stir your hearts and make you book a flight out now then I don’t know what will.

The Hobbiton tour is really informative with fun and interactive guides who looks out for your safety while making sure that this place is well-preserved. The tour is very well-paced in such a way that your tour group will hardly coincide with the group in front or behind you. There is ample of time to take photos and I absolutely love the fact that it is not overrun with tourists like every other attraction. If I sound like I’m in love with this place, well, I am (I’ve had dreams of living here but let’s not go there). JUST DON’T MISS THIS ATTRACTION IF YOU ARE GOING TO NEW ZEALAND.


By the way, the NZ Police take speeding VERY SERIOUSLY, yes I got fined $120 for going at 60km/h when the limit was 50km/h, no joke guys just remember to keep your speed in check especially in town areas.


Best sticky buns in all of NZ (that I’ve been) at Provisions of Arrowtown. I was having a tea break under the cherry blossom tree with petals falling all around, +10 points for Mother Nature.

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Mrs Ferg’s Gelato. Even at sub-zero temperature, you gotta try this. And the Ferg Burger ohmygod I would walk miles just for a bite of that juicy burger.


My airbnb backyard. Yeah I would definitely love to wake up to this


Gondolas are the best. They’re like super slow roller-coasters that give you time to soak in the view. Take the Skyline Gondola up to get a bird’s eye view of Queenstown! Go on an exhilarating ride on the luge and then indulge in their sumptuous buffet and just relish in the fact that you are in one of the most beautiful places in the world.


And if you’re lucky (like me!), you may catch a rainbow at the Skyline. Which really is the perfect spot to catch a rainbow.


Incredibly clear blue waters of the Blue Springs. No swimming allowed.


Sunset over Lake Tekapo. (Psst, perfect date spot anyone?)


Growing up in a concrete jungle like Singapore means never having the chance to waking up to snow-capped mountain views, no paddling across the glistening lake in 19 degree weather, no scenic weekend drive on the open road. New Zealand took my breath away, and I really do believe that nowhere else on earth can quite compare to this spectacular exhibition from Mother Nature. I’ll be seeing you again, New Zealand.

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