A Solo Journey Through Iceland

Hello, Iceland from Jesse Yang on Vimeo

Streaming waterfalls, gushing rivers, never-ending roads, steaming geysers, glacier hikes, enchanting Northern Lights and majestic horses are just part of the magic of Iceland. While Jon’s photo essay gave us a glimpse into the mesmerising landscape of Iceland, that was only the tip of the iceberg.

Earlier in May, Jesse Yang, a filmmaker, took a solo trip to Iceland’s Ring Road to capture the beauty of the landscape. We really take our hats off to Jesse for venturing there alone, much less making such a visually captivating video out of his trip. Taking a decent selfie is tough enough for me. Through his video you can really see for yourself just how vast and unique Iceland’s landscape is. Really lets you put things into perspective huh? We are just a speck in this universe.

And if you’re already googling for Iceland itineraries (like we are), here’s a rather informative one with tips, photos and location maps by bemytravelmuse.

For maximum enjoyment of the video, we recommend you to go to your quiet corner, plug in your headphones and prepare to be transported to one of the most beautiful destinations on Earth.

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