Taiwan Homestays (that are perfect to catch the Autumn foliage!)

If you’ve seen our previous post on some of the best places to view the autumn foliage in Taiwan, and have been considering a trip to fulfill your wildest fall dreams, we’ve rounded up a few Airbnbs/homestays to make your search easier.


(Stay in Taipei for day trips to Yangmingshan and Shihmen Reservoir)

For the Minimalist

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A minimal, quaint and cosy private room in the heart of the city 700m from Taipei City Hall Station. This is a shared living space with the hosts for those who enjoy conversations and living like a local.

Rates: from $49/night

For the Shopaholic

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Located in one of the trendiest neighbourhoods of Taipei, all your food and shopping needs are easily accessible. Comes with an ensuite bathroom but a shared living room and dining area. Just a 8 min walk away from Zhongxiao Fuxing Station.

Rates: from $71/night

For the Instagrammer

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Instead of the typical hotel room, stay in this creative living space while exploring what Taipei has to offer. A comfortably sized studio apartment for 2, with a small living/dining room area for all the midnight snacking. Plus there’s tons of natural sunlight for #housegoals.

Rates: from $79/night


(For autumn foliage viewing at Wuling Farm)

Green Leaf Farm

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A mere 15 mins drive from Wuling Farm, Green Leaf Farm is a nature haven for city dwellers to escape to. Wake up to views of the cabbage plantation, go to sleep after admiring the blanket of stars in the night sky and just inhale the fresh air around you and renew your body and soul.

Rates: from $180/night
Address: Taichung City, Heping District, Section 2, Zhongxing Road, 53之10號

Wuling Village

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Wuling Village is the cheapest option for an average homestay experience that is near Wuling Farm. One perk of staying here include being a short walking distance away from the trail to Taoshan Falls, one of the more picturesque waterfalls in Taiwan.

Rates: from $134/night
Address: No.3 Wuling Road, Taichung, Taiwan

Wuling Farm

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This is probably the most convenient and value for money option. That’s right, the farm offers accommodations for guests who rather not drive up and down the mountainous roads. You may be paying a little more but you get first dibs on the best spots for photos!

Rates: from $154/night
Address: 424, Taiwan, Taichung City, Heping District


(For autumn foliage viewing at Sun Sea Link Forest Recreation Area)

Lin Xi Homestay

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Simple no frills accommodation near the Sun Sea Link Recreation Forest. Much like many budget homestays in Taiwan, only the basic amenities are provided. The luxury you can expect will come in the form the owners’ hospitality towards you!

Rates: from $67/night
Address: No. 3-12, Xishan Road, Zhushan Township, Nantou County, Taiwan 557

King Taiwan Mountain Lodge

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You can expect unbeatable scenic views from this homestay. Surrounded by greenery, you can truly absorb the wonders of nature around you. Overlooking the Beishi River, bamboo forest and if you’re lucky enough, you can witness a sea of clouds below you! It houses a restaurant that specialises in local Taiwanese cuisine using only the freshest ingredients harvested from the surrounding mountains and streams.

Rates: from $105/night
Address: No. 25-2, Xingchan Road, Lugu Township, Nantou County, Taiwan 558


(For autumn foliage viewing at Taipingshan National Forest)

Taipingshan Villa & Cueifeng Lodge

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In the entire Taipingshan National Forest there are TWO and only two accommodations. They both offer spectacular views and provide lodging for big groups of up to 8pax. You can expect them to sell out early due to its popular and convenient location so fastest fingers first.

Rates: from $162/night
Address: No. 58 Datong Township, Yilan County, Taiwan 267

Farmer Homestay

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While this homestay is a little further away from Taipingshan National Forest, it is within the town area and much more affordable, so what you lose out in convenience you make up for in savings. And it ain’t so bad staying in town, you get access to more food!

Rates: from $76/night
Address: No. 1-10, Luchang Road, Datong Township, Yilan County, Taiwan 267


(For autumn foliage viewing at Alishan Forest Recreation Area)

Metsä Mökki

Metsä Mökki is situated far away from the noise of the city, smacked right in the middle of the forest at 1060 metres above sea level. The air here is so fresh and cooling, I swear if I lived here for 3 months my lungs would clean themselves out. Surrounded by nature, it is perfect for those who wish to escape from the city life and just take a breather.  See more here.

Rates: From $72/pax

Alishan Lauya Homestay

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Highly raved by all guests who have spent a night or two here and we can see why. Beautiful and rustic interiors with a modern facade, surrounded by lush nature. Not only that, with its convenient location to the nearby town of Fenqihu and the Alishan Forest Recreation Area, it makes this one of the most highly sought-after homestays in Alishan!

Rates: from $117/night
Address: No.301-3, Leye, Leye Village, Alishan Township, Chiayi Country 605, Taiwan


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