The World’s Happiest Country

Bhutan is the last standing Buddhist Kingdom in the World and, until recently, has managed to preserve much of their traditions and culture since the 17th century by avoiding globalization and keeping to themselves. The reason why it’s been isolated from the world is the fact that it only¬†allows a certain number of foreigners into the country each year, there is a minimum per diem of $200 – $250. They are also the last country to legalize modernities like the internet, television, and western dress.

You may be thinking “what a backward country, must be tough living there”, quite the contrary my friend, Bhutan has often been referred to as the “World’s Happiest Country”. According to The Guardian, “Since 1971, the country has rejected GDP as the only way to measure progress. In its place, it has championed a new approach to development, which measures prosperity through formal principles of gross national happiness (GNH) and the spiritual, physical, social and environmental health of its citizens and natural environment.” Three cheers for its government! It’s no surprise why the citizens lead such a happy life, don’t we all wish we could have a taste of that happiness too?

It is also as beautiful as it is happy. Here are some Instagram photos to whet your appetite for this scenic and innocent country:

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As much (and selfish) as we wish that Bhutan would stay forever locked in time like this without the influence of the outside world, modernizing is taking place. More people will discover this gem, more tourists will arrive, it will be more connected to the wider world. We should definitely experience Bhutan while it’s still in this unspoiled state. It’s the 21st century, the last Shangri-La may not last, that’s all I’m saying.

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