Harry’s Café de Wheels, Sydney

There’s nothing more iconically Aussie than a piping hot meat pie with tomato sauce. Not ketchup, that’s considered American. And no place serves it up quite like Harry’s Café de Wheels.


I love a unique find on my travels – those that subtly surprise you when you least expect, those that give you a taste of the local culture; or…those that you stumble upon, in the midst of winter, saving you from hunger in between a long day of shopping. I think the latter sounds more like it.

There wasn’t much that stood out about Harry’s façade. Huge menu boards with a couple of items, old pictures of celebrity sightings, neon lights and a cold metal counter up front. Sure, it might not have looked like a hot spot but the soul of Harry’s lies in the pie. Really.


So picture this, Harry’s signature, the ‘Tiger’. An Aussie beef pie, topped with mash, lush mushy peas, then smothered in brown, delicious gravy. Add on the sauces, of tomato, Worcestershire sweet chilli or HP and dive right in. What may seem like someone’s late night drunken invention actually tastes of utter comfort and guilty pleasure? Flaky crust, meaty centre, a healthy dose of mush peas and gravy! Out goes table manners. My only plan? ATTACK!!


And if beef isn’t your kind of pie, there’s also chicken, seafood and even vege varieties! You can also get pasties, sausage rolls, hot dogs and other sweet snacks. Something I could say no to. The ‘Hot Dog de Wheels’ house special called out to me with its Continental Viennese smoked Frankfurt with mushy peas, chilli con carne, garlic onions , cheese sauce and chilli sauce. It’s definitely a mouthful to describe, and not to mention, eat! But it was the best companion to my pie.


But the best part about Harry’s for me is knowing that all their pies are freshly made by hand and baked each day. No freezing or frying. No soggy pastry or lack of ingredients. My kind of humble pie that perfectly sums up comfort food down under!


Harry’s Café de Wheels at Haymarket

730-742 George Street, Haymarket, NSW 2000
(Entrance of Capitol Square Shopping, Next to Paddy Maguire’s Pub)

02 9281 6292

Mon, Tue & Sun: 9am – 10pm

Wed & Thu: 9am – 12pm

Fri & Sat: 9am – 3am

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