The Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Copenhagen.

The perfect business hotel in Copenhagen to me, is The Radisson Blu Royal Hotel.

RC 1a

Especially if like me, you like to combine a bit of design culture into a work trip instead of having to spend it in a space with tepid tapestries – 5* or otherwise.

RC 2 IMG_1373

Built in the mid 1950s by Danish architect and designer Arne Jacobsen for the SAS (Scandinavian Airline System), it is an iconic listed building in the centre of Copenhagen. Walk in and it’s Louis Poulsen lamps and Arne Jacobsen chairs beckon you at it’s lobby.

Royal Copenhagen lobby poulsen

IMG_1775 IMG_1365

The central staircase still stands, wood panelling with the words “Garage” in bold brass still holds your luggage and if you dare, Room 606 is the only room still in the orignal design that Jacobsen first intended and it is still available for booking.

The rest of the rooms are similar, but only slightly more modern. Clean and so 1960’s, as we like it.

RC 3 IMG_1383 RC 4 IMG_1378

The staff are among the most immaculately put together and simply, the nicest anywhere in the world. They love their hotel as much as I do and they treat the space with respect and ardour as any other shameless design fan would and should. I once walked into the hallway to ask the housekeeper for some soap and when she brought me a bar directly into the bathroom, she remarked on the colours of it’s mosaic tiles and how this “part of the room” always brought her such a sense of peace as Jacobsen intended. The nice lady was in her mid 50s and from the Philippines. It’s remarkable how wonderful design touches



Beware, if you stay at the Royal Copenhgen, bring the hotel calling card with you or memorise and practice saying “Hammerichgade”, otherwise your Uber or cab driver will ask you if it’s the one with the Casino (no it’s not) or worse ask you why you chose to stay at that old hotel. Ignore them.

You made the right choice and whatever your work stresses is, are or will be in Copenhagen, start it with having breakfast at the hotel’s street-level restaurant because; reclining in a Jacobsen chair looking out into the world as great Danes walk through that wonderful Scandinavian light, will fill you with all the hope you need to fulfill your work duties.

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