Living the Slow Life in Levanto

Everyone knows about Cinque Terre, I must’ve seen the famous colorful buildings pop up on my Instagram feed a thousand times. No complaints though, it really is breathtaking every single time. But when I finally decided to make a trip there in less than 2 weeks, it meant that most, if not all, of the more affordable and convenient accommodations within the five villages were fully booked. Well, every cloud has its silver lining, poking around travel forums led me to this small town called Levanto. 


So why did I decide on Levanto as a base for Cinque Terre?

  1. It is not really part of the 5 villages which means it is less touristy, more local vibes and LESSER CROWD
  2. Accommodation is cheaper and there are more options
  3. Close proximity to the 5 villages to be a good base (1 train stop away from Monterosso approx 5min)
  4. There is a really nice beach
  5. Better nightlife (limited options in the five villages at night)
  6. Plenty of great and affordable food

Loving the clear waters, clean beaches & space

Loving the clear waters, clean beaches & space


Live like a local. Check out Airbnb or for accommodations!


Pizzeria La Picea di La Rosa Riccardo 

THIS IS THE MOST BOMBASS PIZZA EVER. This humble & cosy local pizza shop houses pizzas that have won SO MANY national and international awards. From the hand-made, wood-fired, chewy yet crisp dough to the fresh toppings, every bite so delightful, it’s a journey that I never wanted to end. I can’t believe I’m waxing lyrical about pizzas and just a couple of months back I was hardly a pizza fanatic. Well, this is what I live for, finding great food on my travels and people who are passionate about what they do.

Tip: They are always full for dinner so do get there early or have it for lunch (there’s practically no one during lunch).


Ristorante La Loggia 

Very generous and delicious portions of pastas. Famed for their seafood.


Da Tapulin 

Amazing bowls of fresh mussels right there. I mean the pastas in Levanto are seriously on another level and they have the most generous portions.

Well if you do not want to spend too many days dining out, there’s a supermarket and a few grocery stores here, it’s a great way to save some money. I would totally recommend buying Buffalo Mozzarella balls, Parma Ham and Pomodoro Tomatoes. They are so delicious and super affordable



Piper Bar 

Free bar bites, $7.50 drinks, million dollar view. What more could a girl want? This is probably my favourite bar in Italy. The view is UNBEATABLE during sunset.


See what I mean?? *swoons*


Chiesa di Sant’Andrea

If you have some spare time, talk a walk around town, it really is a very peaceful and chill little town.


I learnt this phrase “La Dolce Far Niente” which means “the sweetness of doing nothing” here in Levanto. Some shops close from 3-5pm, I imagine the owners having a glass of wine or taking a short nap, taking a break from routine and just relaxing before getting on with the rest of the day’s activities. This laidback town really showed me what it’s like to take a chill pill and slow down and just enjoy doing… nothing. It’s no wonder the quality of life here is so high.

Would I head back to Levanto again? Hell yeah! If anything, I would definitely head back for the amazing food (ohhh glorious pizza and pastas) and hopefully, attempt the much-raved-about hike from Levanto to Monterosso!

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